Another year has ended and a new year has already begun. If you are like most people, 2018 was a challenge with some positive experiences sprinkled throughout the year as has been the case for most years before that. The great news is that you are here right now. You got through whatever happened in 2018 both good and bad, and aside from any unfortunate tragedies, you will also get through whatever 2019 has in store. Just keep swimming!

My 2018

Overall, I had a great year! 2017 was a transition year for me with a new relationship and a new job, and I knew in my gut that 2018 was going to be the beginning of something great….and it was! I always reflect on my years with perspective. I consciously review each year and reflect on what went wrong, how it happened and what I learned from the experience. I also do the same for all positive experiences and try to figure out how to tip the scales with more positive experiences.

Good things that happened that were planned:

  1. Travel to Italy
  2. Paid off ALL debt
  3. Living in Turks and Caicos for another year
  4. Get educated on multi-family investment properties

Good things that happened that were not planned:

  1. Proposing to Lili in Italy (a few hours after this blog photo was taken)
  2. Launched a real estate investing website
  3. Started a Youtube channel
  4. Parents visited me in Turks and Caicos for the first time

Unforeseen challenges:

  1. Managing 10 staff members with weak skill sets
  2. Working far more unplanned extra hours
  3. Not being able to accompany my fiancé to Canada for the first time
  4. Being pulled away from the gym late in the year and unable to hit my goals on top of losing mass

So you can see that great things can happen whether you plan for them or not, and bad things can happen even when we try to avoid them. Life happens. Embrace it. Move on. We only lose when we stop trying.

My 2019 plans (without giving away all my secrets!)

  1. Marry my best friend and supporter
  2. Increase my number of income generating assets
  3. Continue to develop quality Vlog content
  4. Write quality blogs on a consistent basis
  5. Create memorable experiences with others
  6. Develop a solid income generating side hustle

I do not make new year’s resolutions anymore. They don’t work. We do not need a calendar date to begin a project or start a new habit. I start new habits or new projects whenever I want….even in December! And you should too. The time is always NOW.

Goal setting is important. I do set goals for things I really want or need to accomplish by a specific date. I have a great system for goal setting I learned years ago. Email me about it and I can send it to you.

In summary, the seeds were planted in 2018 for acquiring multi-family rental properties. I got the education. I made the connections. I built the team. 2019 is the year we move forward and put all of those lessons and work to good use. If you want to be part of this growth and earn above average returns on your investments, contact me at to learn more about what we do and how to get started.

I hope you have an exciting 2019! It’s going to be epic!